Meeker Flattops Enduro


restart Format

Schedule Thursday July 11 6-7 pm Registration and bike Inspection                    Friday July 12  4-8 pm Registration and bike inspection.                                              Saturday July 13 7-8 am Bike Inspection and Rider Check In. No new registration. 8:30 am Riders Meeting (mandatory) 9 am Race start Awards to Follow 2 hours after final Rider. 

Bikes must have a Colorado sticker and spark arrestor. Rider Numbers will be assigned and you will be given a number plate sticker .                                       course Info : A&B Course 99 miles 7 test sections  (35miles of test) 2 fuel stops     c   65 miles 5 test sections (25 miles of test)  1 fuel stop                       Super Short Course Classes Junior, Women, Men. 35 Miles 3 tests  (18milesof test)                                                                                                                                                     Restart Format Explanation : You only race thru the test sections. The rest of the course is transfer zones. That means just riding to the next test. you will be assigned a number. that is your starting number. each test section has a start time. your start time is start time + your number. example: start 10:30 number 33= Start of 11:03. number 55 would start 11:23. transfers are to be ridden at a slower pace this is a time to rest and prepare for next test. directions:  Wilson Park, Yellow Jacket Pass.  40 08’ 04N  107 40’ 55”      From Meeker take County Road 15 west 11 miles turn right onto yellow jacket Passy road. Stay straight for 5 miles                    


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